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Denise Chen

Denise Chen

Sales Representative

With many years’ experience in Financial Industry(RBC & BMO) and remarkable Business Lead experience in IT/Banking/Logistics industry, Denise has laid a strong foundation on authoring business plans and establishing business relationships. It is Denise’s outstanding informational and communication skills that leads to her great success. Denise is A detail oriented and proactive professional with an ability to embrace change, and she has completed LEAN SIX SIGMA and CSC(Canadian Securities Course).

As a successful investor in real estate in GTA, Denise has lived up to her potential. Her business is built on communication, dedication, transparency and a sharp sensitivity toward housing market. With her sharp knowledge of the local market, she has assisted many families in the GTA successfully owning or selling a property/ properties. Her secret sauce is directness, transparency, stylish home staging and compelling listing marketing, expert negotiations, and the ability to keep people and deals on track — calmly and professionally.

凭借在金融行业(RBC 和 BMO)多年的经验以及在 IT/银行/物流行业的卓越商业分析主管经验,Denise 在建立业务客户关系方面奠定了坚实的基础。正是 Denise 出色的沟通技巧和横跨多个领域的知识储备量使她取得了巨大的成功。 Denise 是一位注重细节、积极进取的专业人士,已经完成了 LEAN SIX SIGMA 和CSC加拿大证券课程。

作为 GTA 房地产的成功投资者,Denise极大发挥了她的潜力。凭借对当地市场的敏锐了解,已帮助 GTA 的许多家庭成功购买或出售房产。Denise的特长是时尚的家居布置和引人注目的上市营销、专家谈判技巧,冷静且专业的独到见解和分析。

Posted by Denise Chen