Team Member - Benny Lin

Benny Lin

Sales Reprensetative 


Knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry. Providing clients with accurate information to aid them in real estate transactions.
The scope of my services includes: home purchase, selling properties on the MLS, property management, lease management, investment, commercial real estate. Connecting you to the right industry experts: home staging, inspection, lawyer, mortgage agents, contractors, renovation experts, advertisers, etc.

Benny Lin,男,生于台湾。1994年美国加州留学, 1999年移居加拿大阿尔伯塔, 2000年安居在多伦多。2001年毕业于多伦多大学广告和多媒体专业,本科学历。先后供职于 PREPSKILLS Inc等公司作为私校申请顾问,Remax Real Estate1998年获得加拿大房地产经纪人执照,开始进行私人装修翻建。拥有22年地产资深经验。