20 years residence of Toronto downtown, Jane is a sure downtown lover. Inspired by city skyline, unique architecture and history of Toronto down town buildings and new developments. 20 years working experience in top companies in Canada. Knowing Toronto downtown buildings just like her fingers. Strong negotiator, with good working connection with builders and clients. Caring, dedicated, focused. “Client First” is her
Jane 居住多伦多市区达 20 年,标准的城市一族,钟爱多市的天际线,建筑独特性和历史,关注多市的新建筑。拥有多家加拿大顶级公司的 20 年工作经历。对多伦多市建筑了如指掌。她是个谈判高手,并与建商和客户维持良好关系。体恤,专注,专心。客户至上是她的人生哲学。


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