Team Member - Vince Guo

Vince Guo
Sales Representative

Vince Guo 诚实守信精通国英两种语言,国内电气工程学位,加拿大本地计算机科学学位,金融IT背景,乐于助人。本人专攻奥克维尔,多伦多市中心和约克区,熟悉当地生活,掌握发展商最新的楼花资讯, 十五年加国求学和工作背景,希望可以为您和家人在加国的安家置业和房产投资增添一臂之力。



Vince Guo is fluent in Mandarin and English, honest and faithful, with Electrical Engineer degree in China and Computer Science degree in Canada. He specializes in Oakville, Downtown Toronto, and York region. He is familiar with the city campuses and life styles, and have the latest information on pre-construction project, fifteen years local education and work experience, hope to contribute in your success in Canadian real estate.

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