Team Member - Perry Cheung

Perry Cheung
Lawyer and Legal Consultant


Perry was called to the Alberta bar in 2009 after beginning his practice with one of Canada's national business law firms in Calgary, Alberta. Currently he is an associated lawyer of Woolgar VanWiechen Ketcheson Ducoffe LLP.

Since returning to Ontario in 2010, Perry has focused his growing practice on corporate/commercial law, real estate and estates, including wills drafting. In his corporate/commercial practice, Perry has assisted individuals and businesses with a broad range of matters, including mergers and acquisitions, leasing, financing, corporate governance and restructuring, commercial contracts and succession planning.

Throughout his practice, Perry is committed to communicating effectively with clients, helping clients understand the law and finding pragmatic solutions to clients' legal issues.

Perry Cheung is fluent in English.

Perry Cheung在加拿大阿尔伯(Alberta)省的全国商务法律事务所之一开始他的实习后,于2009在加拿大律师协会阿尔伯(Alberta)省分会授予出庭律师资格。2010年返回安省,Perry Cheung律师一直专攻企业/商业法,地产法及遗嘱起草。在企业/商业法领域,Perry Cheung律师提供许多个人和企业广泛的法律协助,包括企业合并和收购,租赁,融资,公司管理和重组,商业合同和继任规划等。他是Woolgar VanWiechen Ketcheson Ducoffe LLP的现任首席律师。

在他的执业过程中,Perry Cheung律师致力于与客户有效沟通,帮助客户了解法律和寻求务实的方案解决客户的法律问题。

Perry Cheung律师精通英语。

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